Apron front sinks are often referred to as farmhouse sinks because they can evoke period-style kitchens. The distinct country feel of an apron front sink distinguishes it from the modern kitchen sink. An apron front sink can also fit perfectly in a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. With the right touch of décor and accessories, an apron front sink can add to the elegance of a modern day kitchen.

The uniqueness of an apron front sink derives strictly from the depth of the basin or bowl. In late 19th century rural homes kitchen sinks needed to be deep enough to accommodate for large pots used to prepare meals for large families, this made the apron front sink the practical choice. Unlike the recessed sinks of today, apron front sinks have a front that rides above the surrounding counter and juts out slightly from the supporting cabinetry. This design helped prevent damage to the cabinets, as any water or suds that dripped over the lip of the farmhouse sink would drip to the floor rather than on the wood of the surrounding cabinetry.

Normally apron front sinks do not include holes for the faucets to be fitted into. Instead, the faucets normally rose through the cabinetry and were designed to easily jut over the installed sink. In the event that the apron sink was damaged and needed to be replaced, the drainpipe would be disconnected and the old sink lifted out of the cabinet. The new apron sink would be lowered into position and the drain pipe attached to the drain. There was no need to cut off the water flow or disconnect the faucets in order to switch out the sink.

With the large family becoming less and less common, the apron front sink lost its popularity, but is now having a resurgence becoming a popular design choice once again. It is possible to purchase an apron front sink made with the traditional porcelain body or there are stainless steel models to match your modern kitchen appeal.

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